We are making it easy to use one the most important tools to market your product or service by giving you access to your very own blog!

Writing blog posts is simple: Have a new product you want to market? Want to get the word out about the services you offer? Want to build credibility online and for your business? 

Writing blogs is the best place to start. They are the best way to get your voice out there, showcase your personality, and establish trust with readers who will be making the decision whether or not they want to spend their money to hire you or use your product. 

Aren't an agent or business owner? Write articles to gain exposure in your community, have your articles shared, and become an expert for your area!

Here's how:

Step 1: There are multiple ways that you can add a blog post on Annexx. The simplest is to click the circle icon with the plus in the upper right hand corner, and then click 'Article'.

Or you can click on the "Articles" Tab on the menu, and click "Create New" from there.

Step 2: Fill out the Area, Category, and Title of your article. Also make sure you have an image to upload to go with your article. 

Step 3: Here you have the option to add text, images, videos, or properties. Make sure you click on the button that describes what type of content you would like to add! 

Step 4: After adding content, make sure you click the "Save Section" button in orange to save the section in your article. 

Step 5: If you need to come back to your blog post another time, click "Save Draft" and your draft post will be waiting for you in your articles tab on your Dashboard. Once you are finished adding in all the content, click "Publish Article" and you are all set! 

Step 6: Once published, you can find your article as the very first post on the Annexx Articles tab (until a new article is published)! Now you can email your article to your contact list or create a newsletter highlighting multiple of your favorite articles. 

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