Our goal is to help promote your business to new and existing community members. We want you to learn how to use the platform to its full capacity to help market yourself and/or your business. Let'g get started!

For Realtors: 

1. Create A Free Landing Page

  • Create a custom header using your own imagery and branding.

  • Write your bio.

  • Add all the details & important information: Service locations and specialties, Social media links, Awards and affiliations
    Current listings and articles. 

2. Sign Up For IDX Access

  • Sign up for our subscription service that features IDX access for your listings..... 

2. Advertise On Annexx

  • Use direct response marketing to prospective local clients.

3. Publish Content, Get Noticed

4. Keep In Touch With HTML Mailers

  • Send beautiful emails with ease using the Annexx email platform.

  • Notify people about sales or promotions.

  • Send articles you or others have written to easily stay in touch with your client.

  • Send partner or vendor recommendations.

5. Use Tools To Help You Stay Organized

  • Storage for professional assets or files.

  • If you own a home: manage and keep track of everything from home features to loan files and maintenance records in “MyHomes.”

  • Book vendors & schedule appointments.

6. Post Events

  • Ability to add to Annexx's public calendar.

  • Sell tickets with defined time slots.

  • Cap attendees.

  • Send out invites, alerts, and reminders.

  • Guests receive automatic receipts.

  • Guests are automatically added to contact groups for future outreach. 

7. Give Referrals To Your Clients 

  • Refer visitors and clients to businesses and services you know and trust.

  • Send them curated emails with with information they need in seconds. 

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